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I began my career as an EFL teacher in Japan in 1988 and quickly became interested in how language learners acquire vocabulary in their second (or more) languages. I began researching vocabulary in earnest during my PhD years at Nottingham (1994-1997).  Since then, my interests have broadened to all aspects of lexical study, including vocabulary testing, phraseology and formulaic sequences, corpus-based research, and the interface between vocabulary knowledge and the ability to read and listen in English. 


On this website, you can find most of my research in downloadable format.  There are also vocabulary tests and word lists available on the Resources page.  I hope you find something that will be interesting and useful!

Contact Information

Prof. Norbert Schmitt

School of English

University of Nottingham

Nottingham  NG7 2RD

United Kingdom

​Email:  norbert.schmitt@nottingham.ac.uk

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