Personal Interests

I grew up on our family farm in Mud Lake, Idaho. My brothers and sister still live in the area. These pictures were taken in my sister's house where we are all partaking in the Idaho passion for foosball.

I played ice hockey at club level in my undergraduate days, and here is an oldie photo of me back in 1978.  I continue to play in England ad there are some pictures of me practicing and playing more recently. I played with the University of Nottingham ice hockey team from 2004-2006, and in 2006 we won the British Universities National Championship. Some teammates and I are showing off the Championship Plate.  The second to last photo shows me lifting the Nottingham Recreation Championship Cup 2014. Mike Rodgers (now at Carleton University) was key in providing defense, and he was pretty excited about winning the cup too (last photo)!

I got my private pilot's license in 1980, and between 2002-2004 built a kit aircraft. It is a Europa XS tri-gear, registered as G-RMMT, and is decorated with decals of Grommit, from the Wallace and Grommit animation series. It is built of fiberglass, seats two, and cruises at about 120-130 miles per hour. I mainly fly around the UK, and have taken it onto the Continent a few times. In summer of 2017, my wife Diane and I had a very nice 3-week flying holiday in France and Germany. We hope to fly up to Scotland if the weather ever cooperates.

Another hobby my wife Diane and I enjoy is international travel. Here are a number of pictures of us in various locations, including Hawaii, Colmar France at Christmas, Scotland for Hogmanay, in Sydney for New Years with Anne Burns, and just after I did my first parachute skydive at the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. There is also a picture of us in Nottingham with Kathy Conklin.

One of the reasons I want to slow down a bit is to have more time to play music. I (try to) play a number of instruments. Here is a picture of one of the more unusual: Scottish bagpipes.